3. Cincinnati, Ohio: Before & After
    Ghost Stories with Armslength, Great Dane, & Rambo

  4. Big show in Cincinnati tonight. I guarantee this will change your life forever

  5. Another one of Heart Attack Man doing the damn thing. Last night in Arlington, VA. @heartattackmon

  6. Played a show at CD Cellar Record Store in Arlington, VA tonight. This one’s for you, Mr. Williams.

  7. @heartattackmon are the future of rock n roll #defendbuttrocknroll

  8. This is happening tonight!

  9. Ghost Stories Summer Break Tour Poster (official)


  10. jayyparker said: Absolutely killing my guys :) had to show some love. Come to Nebraska sometime please

    Thanks dawg! Maybe we’ll make it up your way soon


  11. Hey you should come see us soon we are playing all the dates if you have a question about any of these shows hit up our ask box and we will help you out. See you soon.

    8/9 Gloucester, Massachusetts at The Hive 

    8/10 Sayville, New York at Soul Sound Records

    8/11 VA Beach, Virginia at Noah’s Ark

    8/12 Arlington Virginia at CD Cellar

    8/13 Roanoke, Virginia at Leftovers 

    8/14 Columbus OH at The House with No Name

    8/15 Chicago, Illinois at Gnarnia 

    8/16 Cincinnati, Ohio at The Jugular House 

    8/17 Toledo, Ohio at The Ottawa Tavern 

    8/18 Cleveland, Ohio at Club Atlantis

  12. knownpleasurerecords:


    TWIABP, You Blew It!, Marietta, The Hundred Acre Woods and Ghost Stories in Athens, OH

    Ghost Stories is playing this stacked show in September, don’t miss it!

    Hey we are playing this and you should all come out 




  15. Next month we are booking a bunch of shows in a bunch of places but as we are nearing the end of the process we still need a little help. We don’t have shows on August 10th or 11th as of right now. We are looking for something in the New York/ New Jersey area on the 10th and something relatively close to Philadelphia on 11th. If any of you have some leads or would like to let us and our friends in Heart Attack Man play in your home, we would love to. We are definitely willing to adjust a routing a little to get a show in. Thanks in advance for any help and we hope to see a bunch of you next month! <3333