1. knownpleasurerecords:


    TWIABP, You Blew It!, Marietta, The Hundred Acre Woods and Ghost Stories in Athens, OH

    Ghost Stories is playing this stacked show in September, don’t miss it!

    Hey we are playing this and you should all come out 




  4. Next month we are booking a bunch of shows in a bunch of places but as we are nearing the end of the process we still need a little help. We don’t have shows on August 10th or 11th as of right now. We are looking for something in the New York/ New Jersey area on the 10th and something relatively close to Philadelphia on 11th. If any of you have some leads or would like to let us and our friends in Heart Attack Man play in your home, we would love to. We are definitely willing to adjust a routing a little to get a show in. Thanks in advance for any help and we hope to see a bunch of you next month! <3333


  5. grammertheband:

    Grammer | Friends In The Hotel Industry

    this occupation as a sad man 
    pays less than minimum wage 
    the shifts are filled with nightmares 
    and I’m working late 
    can I quit this job? 
    I’ve been working too long 
    and working full time 
    can strain ones mind 
    but mines different 
    it’s out of line 
    can I quit this job? 
    I’ve been working too long


  6. Slam plays guitar for us and is in an awesome band with our friend Danny called Method Air. They have a bunch of songs coming out soon and this is an acoustic rendition of one of those songs. Eric shot this video when we were on a short tour with Heart Attack Man and Method Air in May.

  7. Ghost Stories live New Year’s Eve, 2013 in New Jersey, USA

    Photographs by Sara Blankemeyer: http://shootthescene.com/




  10. Today we are releasing our split with Armslength for free/name your price!! Known Pleasure Records will be pressing it on tape soon.


  11. Couch King EP Stream: Armslength / Ghost Stories Split


    Today we’re really excited to be streaming songs from Armslength and Ghost Stories off of their upcoming split. The split, coming out on friday, will feature two songs from each band and will be released on cassette through Known Pleasure Records. Stream the songs by clicking Read More!


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  12. Armslength / Ghost Stories Split Release This Friday

    We are excited our split with our good pals in Armslength will be available for streaming/free download this Friday 5/9. 

  13. Here’s a flyer for the shows we’re playing with Heart Attack Man and Method Air next month. Really excited to play some new cities. Hope to see you at one of the dates! Flyer by Brenden Schindler. 

    5/9/14 Akron, Ohio 


    5/10/14 Bowling Green, Ohio 


    5/11/14 Monroe, Michigan


    5/12/14 Warsaw, Indiana 



  14. Hey everyone sorry for being so quiet lately. We have some very cool things going on soon including new music from our split with Armslength and some neat shows in places we’ve never played before with Heart Attack Man and Method Air. Enjoy your 4/20 and /or Easter. Whatever you’re into.



  15. Anonymous said: so u dudes no longer grieve or wut?

    Not very sure what you’re talking about ;) ;)